For sure weve all heard at some point that work represents 70% of our lives.

Im just as sure weve all heard vitamin C is very good for our health (though recently my physician was trying to persuade me otherwise) and that the Earth is round. And possibly because it is such a truism, not quite so many people take the time to relate it to themselves. Given the fact that each day only has so many hours, isnt it a good idea to spend the majority of them in a meaningful and fulfilling way?


Lets skip the fact that you will most probably hear the question dreaded by applicants the world over: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

(Lord, they must put it into HR manuals on page 1.) We know that the right answer, per the manual, is a) head of the company, b) your position.


And some of us even manage to say this with a straight face. But such formalities and further philosophical ramifications aside if youre just starting on the job market or are not entirely happy with your career and are idly looking for a possible change give it a good thinking over.

 Once you figure out where you want your life to lead, what great news or success you would with the greatest pride report to your dearest and nearest, what dream work would really make you wake up in the morning, things somehow fall into perspective and everything becomes considerably easier.


 All articles are written by the Czech translator and interpreter Katerina Janik

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